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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Is it too late?

I’ve gone to college three times and still haven’t graduated. The first time was a year after high school, I was working for the phone company and they paid my tuition, and I “majored” in humanities doing mostly writing and drama. The second time was after I had married and had two children and was running a daycare… I went to college majoring in Early Childhood Education, and was only 15 credits away from graduation. It’s been twenty years since I closed the daycare. The third time, actually, was just a couple of writing classes. I had retired, lost my daughter and moved to a small town. Writing was therapy. Since then I’ve had cancer three times and I’m now recovering from them all. I am learning things on my own and it’s too bad they can’t be used to get a degree in something. So I’m considering going back to college to do that. But is it worth it at my age (61) and in my physical condition? And then I remember that in a class I was taking for pain management, my therapist’s intern was just graduation from college at the age of 81. Yes, there was still hope for me. Now I just need to figure out what kind of education I actually want and need and where to get it.

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