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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Football Is the Most Important Thing?

I am just livid about all the attention this stupid football game is generating. Even our local newspaper, which rarely prints anything about Seattle sports, had FOUR articles about the game. Apparently, even the Governor of Wisconsin and GOP Running Mate Paul Ryan are "getting involved". You must be kidding me? This is their priority??? It's a GAME!! Why is there not this kind of interest and out
rage at things like education, health care, hunger and homelessness.

Even Seattle is building yet another sports stadium, while money for schools and teachings needs more "studies". Please don't tell me that these sports provide jobs and income to the city. The amount of money that sports figures make would support at least five teachers, or nurses. Sports is an entertainment (don't get me started on movies and actors and the money they make)... it should not be the thing people are the most upset about when their team doesn't win; the article I read said that the priorities in Wisconsin are pancakes and the Packers. Those are their priorities... Hmmm, no wonder the country is in the condition it's in.

Link to article in Port Angeles Daily Peninsula:

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