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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January: A Time to Rest

January is my least favorite month. It's cold, it's dark, it's depressing.
I've spent the first month of the year in past several years healing
from cancer and drug addiction. This year is going to be another year
of transition and healing, as my mom is in late stages Alzheimers and is
likely to pass away within the next few weeks, or sooner.

So, I am claiming this month as a time of rest and hibernation. I'm
making a list of things to do that are quiet and restful.

Sleeping and not worrying about when...

Naps in front of the fireplace..

Reading from the tall stack of novels waiting for me...

Watch old movies, both on TV and on old VHS tapes that I
recorded almost 20 years ago... can that really be true?

Hot beverages.... teas, ciders and juices, hot buttered rum, soups,

Find my old hot water bottle and put it to use.

Needlework, handwork; crocheting, cross stitch, needlepoint,
embroidery; relearning or learning to knit again, tatting, hand sewing,
hand-sewn patchwork and applique, crazy quilting...

Especially plan on crocheting slippers and socks; for me, for gifts,
and maybe for charity.... and also hats....

Start a journal for the month of January. Include photos, cards,
clippings, thoughts, feelings, memories, poems, copies of letters and
e-mails, jokes and cartoons. Use colorful pens and colored pencils, a
notebook and special paper.

Organizing online photos

Bring out the old family movies, slides, and photo albums. Pop a big
bowl of popcorn and reminisce.

Dig out the board games; Chess, Scrabble, Scattergories, Monopoly
and set up on a table by the fireplace.

Bake easy bar type goodies; gingerbread, brownies, lemon squares,
rice krispy treats.

Working on genealogy, making my Ancestry account earn its keep.

Write old fashioned letters. Make you own stationary with rubber
stamps or using computer graphics. Write using a fountain pen. Scent
the paper and seal with old-fashioned sealing wax and seal.

Stay warm with hot showers, foot baths, hot stone massages....

I will keep my Christmas tree up because I like the lights and sparkle
I'm not ready to give it up. Feb 2nd sounds like a good time to take it
all down.

If it wants to snow, this is the month it needs to do it.. But February,
I'll be looking forward to spring, not winter.

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