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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Parallel Universes

I am not expecting anyone else to believe or accept this. It is just my observation and experience (as well as my opinion), and I'm just sharing it as that.

I had a lovely dream that actually was a visitation to a parallel life. I visited my mom who was living with my stepdad, Del in an Asian tropical island. She knew I was from this universe, and told me that people in her realm often visited (as observers) and studied our realm. Ours is one of the few that either doesn't know about other realms or only a small percentage of the popular are aware of them and have memories of visitations. Others of my realm have them but think they are only dreams.

Mom watched herself die in my realm and then said, all her soul essences from all of the realms rendezvoused on the otherside, often called by them all as "home", to come together as one entity for a short time for communication and healing. This is also described in Michael Newton's books about life in between lives. Then each soul essence returns to their own universe until the next one dies and they all then reunite as one, again for a short time.

On this universe, they are much more evolved emotionally and physically than we are here. They is no need for medical help, each person takes care of themselves based on what they need. There is no need for religion, each person belief system is totally unique and does not depend on the approval of others to practice it. Everyone studies everything or anything that captures their attention. Everyone writes books about their own experiences and opinions and all books are published and available to anyone, without cost. I found it interesting that as highly evolved as they were, written, printed books held an important place in their lives. Everyone had huge personal libraries.
In fact, no one worked for pay. Everyone worked at whatever their interest and talents were. People were not paid for the work they did, everyone received the same amount of money to live on, more like an allowance. People built the house they wanted, and it was not based on what they could afford or how rich they were. There were no banks, no credit cards. Materials were available to everyone. People made their own things; from clothing to electronics, although you could buy from others too, the fees were minimal, more like a game than an occupation. While I was there, I bought a swimsuit for 57 cents. People also raised their own food and animals; they were totally self sufficient, although they sometimes traded items with one another.

Mom and Del lived in a house right on the water, literally on the water... it just floated there. She took great pride in using her art to decorate it, as did all her neighbors. They had vehicles that were a cross between a car, boat and submarine. It drive off of the land into the water, submerged until it came to the house and then surfaced at the entrance of the house. I remember mom's vehicle was red, and although her house was very colorful, I remember red being the primary color.

Mom told me that there were some local and culture differences and each area would have items to reflect these, and visitors would buy these items as souvenirs, and each person had their own artistic technique and style that would prompt trade or sales... most people thought of selling just as another form of trade, and it could involve money or an object.

I asked her about marriage and divorce, since I was sure she was no longer living with my father. She told me that there was no such thing as weddings like in my realm, although people here sometimes had weddings more as a form of a party or game, than the beginning of a marriage. She said that when two people wanted to be married, they just stated the fact to one another and they were married. She told me that I was in fact married to Tim is this world, although there we were only 12 years old. But because of our ages we decided that we were still not ready to live on our own yet, so we both lived with our fathers, in what we would see as California in our world. She said there is no set age as to when people would marry and/or move in together, they did so when they felt it was the right time to do so. And some people never married and some people who married never lived together, and some people just lived together. Ending a marriage happened the same way. When one or both were ready to move on, they simply stated as such and moved on. At the time I didn't think to ask about children and the concept of family, I'll need to try to visit again and ask about that then.

So what did people here do when they didn't spend all of their time fighting about religion or trying to control the actions of others about beliefs, health and whom to love or how to live? In addition to growing fruits, vegetables, trees and flowers and building and decorating lovely homes, and creating art and writing books, and reading books and studying and learning about things they want to know about, what else do they fill their time with? That would almost be enough. But they visit other parts of their world.. again, travel is free, like pretty much everything else here. And they travel to other realms/universes. Depending on the level of evolution on these other realms, in some cases they are just observers as interaction might make changes that the people of that realm are not ready to deal with yet. On more evolved realms interaction is apart of the visits just like when we travel to a foreign country here. But their favorite activity is study or discussion groups. They get together regularly to talk about experiences and observations of other realms and of course, ours, as the least evolved of them all, tops the list of their discussions. Those who have had lifetimes in this world (and earth is not the only planet of this parallel life), share about their experiences here. And it's the experiences here that has allowed other universes to by-pass the challenges we have so that they can devote their lives to educational and artistic endeavors. One thing that I did notice, is that there is practically no anger among the people of this world. And they don't consider their work to be drudgery. They seem to enjoy every aspect of their lives. Although I didn't ask, I got the impression that their is not violence there either, no murder, no injuries, and very little illness. Most people died when they were ready to die, and age had little to do with it. I actually believe that's true here as well, but most people feel the need to blame something or someone else on dying instead of choice.

It's was lovely to have this visitation instead of the usual violent and scary dreams that I've been having recently. I've had visitations before, but not lately, and I'm sure a big part of that is due to my illnesses and the drugs I've had to take for them. Now that I am taking less and less medications all the time, my brain and psyche are starting to open to these other possibilities. It's so nice to visit, and to remember, that this life is not all there is, and there are many other options out there for us, many, if not most, are happening at the same time as this lifetime.

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