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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Never let go, Alternative Titanic Theme.

I thought this was so cool... I just kind of stumbled into it on YouTube...

This is a song I wrote and recorded ages ago with a silly little webcam....Ive re-recorded it with a piano and professional mic so hopefully it will sound more pleasing. The lyrics, vocals and piano are mine but the gorgeous music is all James Horner....I love him. 

Hope you like it and feel free to download it from my site,
You will find it in the music section and for some reason you have to press play before the download link pops up....( dont ask me why ) 


some people have been asking me for the lyrics....

Like the stars, guiding souls to safety
you have saved me,
my love

Near or far, you'll be here to watch me
from the heavens above

When my light ceases to burn
to your arms, I will return
for my love never let's go

For my love never let's go

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