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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dream Rituals

Dream Pillows, Dreamers Tea and a Dream Power Spell

'To sleep - perchance to dream......'

When we fall asleep, we return to the fathomless sea of life - and there we
dream. Our dreams can provide the answers to problems that we encounter in our everyday, waking life. The use of oils, herbs and stones can be helpful to us as we set out on our dreamers 'journey'.

Below you will find instructions for a dream pillow and Dreamers Tea along
with lists of the herbs, oils and stones for dreaming.

Bergamot: (not mint) soothes the nerves, gives relaxing sleep.
Hyacinth: stops nightmares.
Jasmine: helps increase psychic dreams, lifts depression, quiets the nerves; is calming.
Lavender: relaxing deep sleep.
Lilac: recalling past lives.
Mimosa: prophetic dreams; getting to the truth; making decisions.

Angelica : prophetic dreams and visions.
Anise: use just a little to repel nightmares.
Bay Laurel: inspiration; repels negativity.
Cedar: helps to repel bad dreams.
Cloves: use just a tiny amount because of the strong odour. Retrieving
buried memories.
Hops: restful sleep and healing.
Marjoram: relieves depression.
Mugwort: visions and prophetic dreams.
Mullein: repels bad dreams.
Rosemary: use just a little as it is very strongly scented. Avoid nightmares
and headaches.
St. Johns Wort: banishes spirits.
Valerian: deep rest.

Precious Stones which Evoke dreams

Wear the jewel next to the skin all night , preferably on a silver chain
around the neck.

A Dream Pillow
a piece of muslin cloth or thin cotton
a piece of velvet or silk cloth or plain material which can be decorated
your choice of herbs and oils
glass bowl
wooden spoon.

To make an inner bag to hold the herbs, cut out two pieces of muslin or
plain cloth to the size you require. Now sew three sides of the fabric and
turn inside out .

Using your other material cut two more pieces about an inch bigger all
around than the muslin/cotton.. Stitch three sides again and turn inside
out. If you wish you can turn down a small hem on the open end and attach
velcro so that you can remove the outer cover for washing purposes.

In a large wooden or glass bowl, mix together the herbs and oils (no more
than 5/6 drops).

Fill your "inner pillow" with the herbal mixture but don't put too much in or it will be lumpy and uncomfortable to sleep on. Turn the open ends in making sure the raw edges are inside and them slip-stitch closed.

Remember, you can decorate your dream pillow any way you wish including runes, astrological signs etc. - be as creative as you like.

Dreamers Tea
Herbs for Dreaming : Heather sprigs, lavender, passionflower, primrose
leaves, peppermint, mulberry leaves, cowslip leaves, sage, wild lettuce,
dill, dried hops

Herbs to banish Nightmares : Betony, golden rod, white deadnettle, vervain.

Select your chosen herb and use one teaspoonful of the chopped herb in a cup of hot water (poured over the herb when boiling). Take before retiring to
bed. Herbs can be mixed but use no more than two teaspoons to one cup of water when using combinations. They can be sweetened with honey to taste.

Spell to Evoke the Power in a dream

Dreams are often imbued with life-enhancing and transformative power. An
ancient spell to evoke the power in the dream, to be used before sleeping,
is recited to Sesheta, goddess of inspiration:

Sesheta, Great Goddess! Fill me with your knowledge,
Your Power, your Abundance!
Behold! The Word is born in my heart!
I am filled with Life!
I write the words of Light upon the air!

This will help you to bring wisdom back from your dreams, and act out their
inspiration in your waking life.

Sweet dreams!

~ Source Unknown

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