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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mother's Day

Okay, Mother's day is coming on on Sunday. I am a daughter, a mother, and a grandmother, so I guess I qualify. But it seems like everything lately, that holidays only have one goal... to get you to spend money.
Remember when the best gift you could give mama was a bouquet of dandelions? And a hand drawn card using broken color crayons? And she treasured them both?
Now there is the push for jewelry and flowers and chocolate dipped strawberries (okay, maybe that is one that is acceptable)... and of course, you have to take mom out for brunch.
I guess for some moms this is a treat, but it sure isn't for me. Going to brunch requires that I have to get out of bed before noon!!! Nope, not gonna happen!! Now if you want to serve me brunch at 3pm, then maybe....
This year I decided I wanted to honor my mom and grandmother by making my grandma's famous fried chicken... cooked in a big black cast iron skillet.. complete with cream gravy, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots and apple pie. And hopefully the weather will be warm enough to eat this out on the deck.
I don't need flowers or diamonds (but can we still talk about the chocolate??), or anything like that. However, if you really want to give me something and you have lots of cash... I'd love one of those apartments right by Century Link field so I can go to Seattle a lot more often and have some place to stay... plus be able to watch the games this fall.... and see the great sunsets over Puget Sound. Is that too much??

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