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Saturday, May 23, 2015


I can't help but be an original when the essence of what I am expressing is the creativity and imagination that [God/Goddess/Spirit] inspires in me every single day.
At my original best, I am nonjudgmental of what I am creating. I think 'outside of the box', being open to new ways of expressing myself, whether I may be doing it in speech, written words, music, clothing, home decor, dance, photography or art.
Originality is my celebration of [my higher power's] inspiration. The creative force that brought the universe into being could not have been one that held anything back. What was created had never been done before., and as I ponder that thought, I allow the wonder of it to spur my own creative flow. I am boldly original as I celebrate the creativity of [spirit] in my own life.
~ Daily Power Words

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