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Thursday, May 28, 2015



They are a problem that your subconscious is helping you to learn from or solve. (a symbol-message dream... the most common kind of dream)

The housecleaning dream... these dreams don't make sense and are basically garbage in, garbage out.

Lucid dreams are when we are half awake and half asleep, when you're brainwaves are at alpha

They are messages from someone communicating with us, either from the otherside or a guide or an angel

They are a past-life memory

It is an idea that is developing from a conversation, a movie, a book... This may look like a "movie"...

A visitation from someone who has crossed over

An out of body experience

A nightmare brought on by stress, anxiety, or a scary movie or book, but they can also be a red-alert warning system

Night terrors are usually nightmares of children, and the causes can be many things. Children often don't remember these episodes

Sleep paralysis feels like a dream and feels like you are wide away, but you can't move, and these can be terrifying and can be caused by many things

Very rarely are dreams prophecy dreams... telling you what will happen in the near future

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