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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Life Is a Schoolhouse

Life is a great game and a dangerous one and a fatal one. It is a game that is painful for all of us. It is not easy to be human, and we have all chosen this game so that we may learn, so that we may grow into varying stages of enlightenment.

~ Shakkai, Shakkai, Woman of the Sacred Garden

This is a time of challenge and a time when life and death, flowering and seed are the mirrors. This has been a particularly difficult time to walk with a foot in spirit and a foot in the physical, without feeling like you are doing the splits. Find your humor, wherever it is hiding!

My teachers have always told me that this is a time when the great trees are falling, and it certainly is a time when the tree tribes are transforming in great numbers. Now it is time to replant. Now it is time to learn the lessons you've come here to learn.

Reflect on what you've experienced this year. Begin to journal your experiences, through your heart, through your mind, and through your spirit. Winter is around the corner. It will be a great hibernation time this year. We have a lot to think upon.

So be discerning, and bring all of who you are to this earthwalk. We live alone, and yet Spirit surrounds us. There are crowds of beings that want to share in your laughter. Introduce yourself, and let them in. And ask, "Teach me."

~ Source Unknown to Me

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