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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Focus Observation


Water spilling out of the fountain splashes into the basin below (as both cats lap it up).
Socks "baa-ing" at me; I don't think she knows how to meow. She must have been a goat or lamb in a past life.
Rumbling of engines droning on.... airplanes, boats, maybe. Just afterwards three warbird planes buzzed the landing strip behind us, in perfect formation, to scare the deer off and then came back around one by one for a landing.


The various plants of our deck garden; the prayer flags hanging from the solar lantern, the neighbor's American flag, the tree branches of the pines and spruce and few fruit trees, all swaying in the breeze.
The wind is blowing my hair in my eyes, making it difficult to see anything.. time to get a scrunchie.
The cat is now stretched out on the deck, in the warm sunshine like she is the animal version of a slinky.
Contrasting colors... the various shades of green of the trees against the blue sky and the red roof of the house across the street.


The air smells dry, an almost burnt odor, although not smokey.


The cold crisp bite of an ice cold glass bottled Coca Cola; slightly sweet, carbonation bubbles, a bit of caramel.


I'm sitting in the shade of the sun umbrella, but the air feels warm. The breeze alternates between warm and cool. My white day jammies are kind of scratchy.

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