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Monday, July 6, 2015


I asked the Goddess to help my sorrows leave,
Instead of relief I then found more to grieve
Soon new troubles replaced the old,
My heartache grew more deep and wide.
"Goddess, please let me die," I cried.
And felt my world turn silent and cold.

The Goddess said, “My beloved child, you are loved so much,
And I could have easily dried your tears with just one touch.
But I knew you need to feel grief’s full sorrow and pain
And the difficult lessons, so perhaps you’d understand
That this giant world is one you can hold in your small timid hand
And by feeling your grief gave you an awareness again

I wanted you to see that when things go wrong,
Your strength is within you to make you strong.
Although the path may seem steep and hard
You’ve suffered because you were chosen to be
A guide for the lost, and a light for all to see.
And find a strength so for others you guard.

As you struggle in your life’s stormy day,
You will meet other souls along the way
Who have also lost and cried and grieved like you
Because you have been there and know how they feel,
You can show the words and actions that will help them heal.
And give hope so that they will show the same kindness too.

For it was when you, cried and sobbed and wept,
And pushed the anger out and finally slept.
And you began to clearly see the reason why.
That you had suffered and felt such despair,
So you would understand again to finally care
And help those others as they unload their burden to you and cry."

Then I did finally understand the reasons and whys
And understood that we need to be allowed to cry,
And where all grieving emotions actually come from.
Oh Goddess thank you for your lessons each day
And give me guidance to show them the way
And know as I teach I also still learn from some.

And help hurting souls who reach out to me
To be the best kind of guide I can be.

So mote it will be.

Epona’Bri/Cindi Dean Wafstet/Annwynbri
© 2007-2014
Permission to share freely as long as credit is given.

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