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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Healing from Uterine Cancer and Hysterectomy

Healing from Uterine Cancer and Hysterectomy

I used meditation that I wrote for myself (I'll add a copy of it at the end of this email). I used red candles and one white candle when I meditated.

Since the tumor was in my base chakra and the uterus is in the sacral chakra, I wore a lot of red and orange clothing (I have red day jammies that I practically lived in. I also wore white ones for whole body healing).

I did reiki self treatments using red crystals (mostly jasper, bloodstone, amber, copper and I threw in a yellow sunstone for good measure). I kept these stones on my desk, in my pocket, etc.

I did color breathing and visualizing, focusing on the colors of red and orange and watching it literally eat away at the tumor and any cancer cells... My visualization was a red Miss Pac Man.

Other things that I did, that we not exactly color therapy, but some fit in and all of them worked...

I got acupuncture and cranial sacral therapy, and I was always covered up with a red blanket from my childhood

I drank a lot of cool water, herbal teas (mostly white and the red Rooibos tea from Africa).

I used aromatherapy (mostly lavender, rosemary, thyme and different citrus: sweet orange, grapefruit, lime and mandarin orange)

I also did a color showers. I bought a battery operator pool light that changes colors, but can be set to stay on one color. I'd turn that red and recite a healing prayer that I kept posted in the shower. Then I would do the same with orange and the white.

I ate red colored foods... tomatoes, apples, ruby red grapefruits, blood oranges, new red potatoes, cranberry juice, raspberry leaf tea, carrots, pumpkin (it was my excuse to make pumpkin pie), orange smoothies.

I kept a deep red blanket on my bed.

I worked on needlework, trying to use mostly red and orange threads, fabrics and yarns.

I made a healing collage, which ended up being more black and white, but it did have some red and orange in it. I also did one that was mostly orange

I used Bach's Rescue Remedies for anxiety

I watched the sunrise in the mornings, concentrating mostly on the red and orange colors. I even took a picture of the sunrise that I called an Orange Morning.

I made sure I laughed, cried, listened to music, read books, basically focused on myself. I also listened to nature sound CD's and imagined that the thunderstorm was washing away the cancer cells.

I wrote in a journal with a orange cover, using a red pen.

I did some inner childhood play; color crayons, homemade clay (that I colored orange and scented with orange flavored Kool Aid).

I used a lot of affirmations.. some I wrote myself, others I found in books and online.

After I found out that the tumor was gone... I continued do many of these things, except to use the colors of blue, green and violet to help close the lower chakras and balance them out.

But I was also pragmatic about it all. I updated my will, planned my funeral (it's all written down in a notebook in case my husband should ever need it), I even wrote my own obituary.

I read a book called "A Year to Live".

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