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Monday, July 6, 2015

The Morrigan

I have long felt like I was called by the Morrigan, but didn't always know why or how it related to me. My primary animal totem and spirit guide is a black raven with a white circle around one eye. She has been with me for 15 years and I've always assumed she was the Morrigan. She never asserted herself into my life, never made any demands on me, just encouraged me to trust my intuition. But that has always a battle for me. Intellectually I understood that and believed in it. Emotionally it was another thing all together.

I always saw the Morrigan as a combination of the Maid and the Mother of the Triple Goddess, and I saw myself as a Crone. But three things happened recently that made me change this vision of Her and of myself.

I just started doing the 12 Week Artist's Way program to help jump start my creativity and to help with some mental and emotional challenges in my life. I did this program 15 years ago to help cope with my daughter's death and it was very successful. I am only in the second day of writing morning pages, and already the ideas are flowing. Then I read an article in an older issue of Sage Woman magazine about the Morrigan. This article spoke to me as if it was talking directly to me and only to me. I started to see Her as a Crone and essentially as a mirror image of myself, or perhaps I'm a mirror image of Her?
But words came to mind; Truth, and Change, and my own personal word of Strength (15 years ago I added the name of Bri to my craft names; Bri Celtic for Strength). I realized I was allowing fear to control me, not allowing myself to grow and change. I had to face the truth of my life in order to move forward and it would take strength to do this. Could I?

I put down the magazine and thought about this as I walked down the hall of my home, and out of the corner of my eye I saw a black feather on the floor of my craft room. I often find crow and raven feathers, but always outside. We have a male raven that visits us daily and I have named Sebastian. I have to take both Sebastian and the feather as signs, that, yes, I could do this and more.

She has finally spoken to me and told me what it is that I need to do and has assured me that She will be by my side to give me the encouragement that I need and have always gotten from Her.

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