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Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Mabon celebrates the harvesting of the fruits and berries that will sustain us through the dark winter days to come. For this ritual you will need five glasses of berry wine and a place outside where these can be emptied onto the ground. This is best done at dusk or dawn when light and dark seem to be held in perfect balance, just as they will be throughout the twenty four hour equinox period. In a circle around you, place one glass at each of the cardinal points:

north (earth), east (air), south (fire) and west (water).

Place the other in the center. Starting at any point in the circle, begin moving counterclockwise, pouring the wine onto the ground to pay homage to the nature spirits or elements who stand guard over the land as it prepares for its winter nap. Lastly, empty the wine in the center as an offering and libation to the Goddess, who is resting after giving birth to the harvest.

Edain McCoy - Llewellyns' Witches' Datebook 2001

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