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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Social Media

I have been noticing something about social media for a while now. It's slowly, quietly, but increasingly going from "social" media to commercial media. I see this especially on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, the sites I use the most.

I've been very frustrated by Facebook not sending notices to my email like I have it set up for... I have it set up for "all", but my settings say "most". However, I'm not getting most, I'm not getting even many. I'm getting pretty much just notices from pages, not from my friends or groups. I now have go to each friend's page and each group I run and am a member of to see what I'm missing. Not everything shows up on the newsfeed either.

I started wondering why, and then it hit me. A whole lot of pages are commercial sites. Groups and friends are not, so it doesn't benefit Facebook any for me to see them.

The only people who follow me on Twitter are people who want me to buy their product. Okay, not all, but most.

On Pinterest, which started out to be a site for people to organize images and links, they have now have "promoted" pins, which is basically a paid advertisement. On most of Pinterest, you see the sites and boards you want to follow. With promoted pins, they are forced on you whether you want them or not.

Advertisements on TV are annoying enough, especially since most of them are so insulting. I expect them in magazines, but even those are becoming extreme... four pages to advertise one drug that benefits almost no one. And now magazines are nothing more than a bound catalog of things to buy. I've been a long time addict of buying magazines, but that is changing fast. It's doubtful that I will renew any of my subscriptions because of the ads and also because the magazine editors who seem to be giddy about using puns as article titles. It's pretty tiresome to see something like "loom with a view" voer and over again. Whatever happened to straight forward imagination?

Now I get ads on my telephone! Sorry, I don't pay for a telephone so someone can use my phone as free advertisement to try to sell me something I don't want or need. I get just as annoyed at people who join my groups to have a captive audience to sell crap to. Plus it's more than insulting.. I'm smart enough to know how to find the things I need!

When did the world move from "people" to "money"? Now, I know money is important.. just try to live without it. And at the risk of sounding like hypocrite, I do have Amazon affiliate my blog and I'm trying to earn money by writing. But I hope I never get to the point where I put my earnings above emotions of the people I share this planet with.

It's getting harder and harder to connect with friends and family on Facebook, and I think Facebook has forgotten it's roots. I'm wondering how long before someone say enough is enough and creates a new site like the original Facebook and every else gets fed up enough to move. That's pretty much what happened with MySpace before it got too commercial.

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