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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Product Review: Tweezer Guru

Five years ago I had to have chemotherapy for cancer and I lost all of my hair, including most of my eyebrows. Fortunately, they were the first to grow back in, but they didn't grow back as they originally were. I rarely had to do much with my eyebrows, but now I had wayward, unruly, coarse white hairs that didn't want to lie flat like they should. My old tweezers were uncomfortable to use in my hand so I looked for a replacement and found these. Since I knew anything would be better than my old ones, I decided to give these a try. First, the customer service was fantastic and I appreciated that the company saw me someone instead of something. But more importantly, I was impressed with how well these worked and how comfortable they were to use. I'm very pleased with these tweezers and would recommend them to anyone.

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