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Friday, September 9, 2016

Loving Each Day

If you prefer to walk free of the lower worlds and establish yourself in the Spirit, there are only a few qualities that are necessary.
The first one is acceptance. You have to accept what is so in your life and be honest with it, not pretending it's something it's not or creating fantasies about how you would like it to be. Just accept what is.
The second quality is understanding. You have to seek understanding by understanding yourself. You don't necessarily have to understand everyone else, but it's important to know and understand yourself.
The third quality is responsibility. You have to take responsibility for yourself and your actions on all levels.
And the fourth quality is cooperation. Once you accept what is, understand it, and take responsibility for yourself and your actions, you can start cooperating with all of that.
When you cooperate, you discover you're free.
- John-Roger
[From: Divine Essence (Baraka), 2001 Benjamin Franklin Award Winner, p. 108]

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