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Monday, November 14, 2016

Online Shopping

Because of my disability, I rarely go shopping in the real world and do most of it online.
There are some pitfalls of ordering items online. Mostly I order from Amazon and have very few problems. Occasionally, I order from other sites.
I recently ordered a dress from a company called Modlily. In the picture, it looked great. But that's not what it turned out to be. It took three weeks to arrive from China, literally a slow boat from China.... The quality and workmanship is shoddy...the material is thin with strings hanging out all over. There is no way this dress is a maxi dress.. I thought it was a tunic. And there is no way this is a 4-X, even tho the label insists it is. Very disappointed.. the only good thing was that it was only $25. I guess you really do get what you pay for. What a disaster.
On the other hand, I ordered a scarf from Amazon, that also came from China. This one is gorgeous and very well made. It's a black scarf with a silver heart charm. The scarf drapes nicely and the charm is substantial without being too heavy. Worth much more than that $4 I paid for it. I'm very pleased with this one.
Two companies that have outstanding customer service are Brigidsgrove and Aromathyme.
I've done business with Debbie Harlan of Aromathyme for years, she is about the only person from whom I will buy my essential oils. I trust her quality and her communication with her customers. She also has fun little contests, and I've won a few, and has even sent little thank you gifts with my order.
I ordered a Goddess Christmas tree ornament and altar set from brigidsgrove, the first time ever ordering from them. I've been looking at these since last Christmas, but they only offer them for a few weeks once a year. So this year I sent my order in. The items are beautiful and I'm thrilled with the order. Only one problem. The ornament wasn't included.
I contacted Molly when my order arrived today and she immediately emailed me back and apologized and said the missing ornament was in the mail. I was impressed.
Meanwhile, my complaint with Modlily is "processing". I won't be ordering from them again.

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