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Friday, January 20, 2017

Be One

We are all one in spirit and we are not alone.
Tap into that unlimited Universal energy that is always available.
Get in touch with your higher consciousness.
Look beyond what is physically in front of you and call on the higher powers: Beings of Light, Angels, God, Spirit.
Incredible energy is available. Remember to ask.
Renew the spirit within you.
Refine your thoughts and feelings.
Elevate your thinking above the mundane and don't be dragged down by life's challenges. This is a perfect time to make order out of chaos.
Let the spirit move you.
What is your true essence craving?
Tap into the divine energy and renew your quest. Much growth can be gained at this time.
Realize your full potential as a spiritual being. If God is all things that what is life if not spiritual?
A balance between spirituality and humanness is needed on this earthly journey.
Be true to your beliefs but be open and do not judge other for theirs. It's a big world and there is room for us all.
You can afford to be kind.
Being different should not be a threat.
Allow others to be who they are.
Honor what you truly feel.
What you can dream, you can make real.

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