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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Drug and Insurance Rackets

As this article says, Obamacare (AKA the Affordable Care Act or ACA) is far from perfect, but neither is Medicare. Insurance was created to make sure that people had the funds to pay for medical care when it was needed. It stopped being that long ago and is now a business that uses the funds the people pay into it and then fights the patient when they need their own money to pay for their own medical needs. I've experienced this myself several times.

I've now had Medicare for a year and haven't used it once. But I'm paying in a whole boat load of money for something I "might" need in the future. I haven't been to the doctor in two years. Too often, people my age are using medications... some numbers I've seen say each 60 year old is taking 6 prescription drugs, that they don't even need. We are spoon-fed the idea that you "need" this medication, or you will die. I was told that too, until I was finally on 23 different medications, including 4 highly addictive narcotics, and yes, I became addicted.

I no longer am, addicted or on medication, which is why I no longer need to see a doctor. Having people on medications is job security for doctors and clinics, because patients need to see medical personnel at least every six weeks for a meds check.. I did that for 11 years. They also have to see them to deal with the side effects from the drugs they take, which usually leads to another medication. The slogan "there's an app for that" has been adopted by doctors as "there's a drug for that"... heard that many times too.

My doctors were quick to prescribe medications for me, for problems I didn't even have. And when I had adverse reactions to them, the encouraged me to "just hang in there, it will get better..." but it never did. The only time I got better was when I finally was able to stop taking all of the medications, a process that took two years. So, now, no doctor visits because no drugs and in spite of their dire warnings that I would die without those medications, I'm still alive.

Five years later I'm healthier than I have been in years, even after a near-fatal car accident, having cancer three times, dealing with PTSD and the drug addiction.

But that's not the case for a lot of people, young and old. Some people need to see doctors and be on medications, it is literally what is keeping them alive (my great-nephew is one of these). There are also people who are taking drugs and probably could do okay without them, but they are mentally and emotionally too fragile to let go. You really do have to be in the right mind frame to stop taking medications after doctors tell you that you "need them".

When I approached one doctor about getting off of just one of the medications, she looked at me in horror and exclaimed... "oh, no.. your body is trying to tell you NEED this drug!" No, my body was trying tell me that I was fucking addicted to this damn drug!!

When I finally went off the drug on my own (which took four months of painstakingly opening each capsule, pouring out the beads of medicine, counting each one, and putting them back in minus 4-6, twice a day), she went ballistic, and her and another doctor tried to gang up on me to try to force me back on the drug.

Instead, I refused to see either doctor ever again and set out to one by one get off each of the other drugs I was on. It wasn't easy, in fact, it was a nightmare. But it was so worth it.

But it was my educated and informed decision to do this for myself. When you remove healthcare insurance from people's lives, you not only remove the money, but you remove their autonomy and their choice to make educated and informed decisions for their own healthcare. Now it's left up to the government, insurance companies and doctors and the patient is left out of the equation completely, and a lot of people will die because of that.

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