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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Respect Or Expect

I was so traumatized by the events of yesterday, that I just shut down. Emotionally, mentality, physically, verbally. I couldn't do or say anything. I couldn't think. I couldn't eat or sleep, I just barely could function.
Please don't lecture me about this... I'm not the only rape survivor who is feeling this way. I resent the attitude of "just let it go, forget about it"...
I tried that for 50 years, it DOES. NOT. WORK!!!
I've learned that you have to turn around, face it head on, look the fears and traumas in the eyes and fight back. Only then will you learn anything from the experience and heal from it.
But seeing Trump systematically remove one human right after another, right before our eyes, just as he promised he would do, in less than 24 hours after taking the oath of office, I felt useless, worthless and hopeless.
And this is just the beginning.
Then I watched a video of Rev. William Barber and a little bit of life reignited in me. And looking at the pictures of the women's marches all over the world is fueling that fire within me.
I saw the words "respect existence or expect resistance" and it resonated within me so vividly I had to use that as my new Facebook cover, along with my Sag Warrior picture.

I saw the words "we will not go quietly into the night".. submitting quietly is exactly what Trump and the GOP is hoping and expecting us to do.. especially women. Women all over the world are saying "HELL NO!!"
I like Rev Barber's message, it is all inclusive and doesn't discriminate based on color, religion, size, age, politics, gender, sexual identity, or abilities. He is the kind of person that is a "true" follower of Jesus, something Donald Trump will never understand. I am not a Christian, I don't hide that fact. But I am more of a Christian than Trump can ever pretend to be. At least I've read the bible.

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