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Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Year of the Grandmother

Whether any one has noticed or realized it, we are entering an new age.. the age of the Grandmother. In my belief system, we call her the Crone. She is a vital, active, impassioned, juicy person, a part of life that influences us all.
The women's marches yesterday, made me see that... as I researched and read about women's marches through history. Our grandmothers, our grandmother's grandmothers all did the same kinds of things... even if they didn't march, they were there in spirit and in heart.
Our grandmothers influence us in ways we can't even imagine. Everyone has two, even if they've never had the opportunity to meet them. I was fortunate, I was very close to my grandmother and she taught me all of the things I still treasure... photography, genealogy, cooking, crocheting, and the appreciation for a nice hot cup of tea.
Think back... what did you gain from having your grandmothers in your life.. even indirectly?
One of the things that my grandmother was famous for was her pies.. especially apple pie.
Maybe it's no coincidence that today is National Pie Day.
With all of our protesting, and marching, and speeches, we also need to take a moment and nurture ourselves, each other and that connection with the past. Baking a pie and sharing it with others sounds like a good way to do that.
Breaking bread in fellowship is not just a religious concept. People have been doing it since the beginning of time. Preparing a meal and sharing it with family, friends and neighbors forges a bond that allows an openness for also sharing thoughts, and ideas and for making plans.
So, if you could bake a pie and build a menu around it to treat with others.. what pie would you bake, what else would you serve with it and who would you want to share your meal with?

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