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Friday, April 21, 2017

A Message from Mariah

I felt like I was standing on a precipice, wondering where to go from here. I feel like I have restless leg syndrome all over and my skin is literally crawling. I need to get up and walk and eventually need to take a shower, to try to quiet down the muscle and nerves that feel so active.
I seek a therapist, a guide, to help me cope with this uncomfortable human body I inhabit.
I find a woman wearing a dark blue Celtic pagan cloak, a royal blue shawl covering her head and a sheer light blue Islamic veil covering her face. Only the pale blue eyes of my daughter looks at me, watches me, and talks to me.
I call her Mariah, from the movie “Paint Your Wagon”.. as she as the lightness and power of the wind. It’s obvious to me that she wears blue since I need the healing of that color right now. But I also understand the spirituality, the religious context that she invokes with the various colors of blue.
She speaks to me with her eyes…
Are you lost?
Are you scared?
Are you confined?
Why am I here and what is my purpose? I’ve asked this question so many times before. I look to my guides for guidance, and others look to me a kind of guidance.. an answer, a direction.
Mariah closes her eyes and then opens them again… her pale blue eyes now a little deeper, more intense.
She tells me very directly…
You can’t lead someone to the light, they have to search for it themselves. You cannot help someone find salvation, they must discover it for themselves. And you can’t direct the path someone takes, they must make the journey on their own.
The path may take them on a vertical climb, or they may choose to make a running jump to soar the skies, or it may be simply sitting quietly on a velvet cushion to contemplate the journey.
There is no right or wrong way to make this journey. One is not better or higher than another. There are no levels of hierarchy of power, not in the spirit world and not in the physical world. Those who believe there are lower realm entities, do so to feel better and higher about themselves. Every soul has the same rights and responsibilities in life, death and rebirth. Money is not power. Looks are not power. Control is not power. They are all illusions that help those with low self esteem to feel better about themselves. Self esteem is an inner condition, and no amount of money or attention while make negative self reflection better unless, and until, the internal mental and emotional issues are healed. Religious beliefs fall into these same traps.
Do people believe what they believe because it something they have studied and meditated and discover that what they believe is their own personal truth, that what they feel, think and believe mesh into one?
Or do people believe what they believe because they’ve been told
that the teachings of their church, temple or circle that insists it is the truth, and to not believe is to lack faith?
Do they believe because of fear, apathy, security or ease? And in doing so do they feel uncomfortable when others don’t share that same faith or challenge their beliefs? Do they become so scared at that possibility that they feel they have to criticize and condemn other beliefs so that they can feel good about their own? And if they can convince you to share in their beliefs then they don’t have to try to justify it and they can finally relax again.
I think about this and know that I agree. In our town there is a church who spends a lot of money trying to convince people to give up the religion they have been following by saying “Why not just simply be a Christian?” I say, ‘why not just simply be accepting of other beliefs and use your money and time to help others instead of condemning them?’
Then maybe we can all come together to work together to truly make a difference and try make this world a better place.
Mariah laughs and the sound reminds me of the tinkling of crystals and the giggling of pixies.
“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink.”
Interesting analogy since the white horse is one of my spirit guides and water is my element.
I take that to mean that you can be available to answer questions and provide information if asked, but if you force the horse’s nose into the water you will probably end up drowning the animal instead of quenching his thirst. He has to want to drink the water in order to benefit from it.

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