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Monday, April 17, 2017

Help the Wildlife

In few days, it will be Earth Day and with the cuts the Scrotus is making, it's going to make a huge negative impact on our environment. There are some people who just don't seem to care about that, but when we get to a point where we have dirty air, unsafe and unclean water, and not enough food, then maybe they will see the light. Climate change is true, even if Trump and his followers don't want to admit it. Even if it wasn't true, why is it a problem to take care of this planet we live on? We don't own the earth, we are caretakers of it for our children's children's children.

Some simply things we can do that can help, is to provide an personal environment that encourages birds, honeybees and butterflies, as well as other wildlife.. Things like provide water for butterflies and hummingbirds, flowers for bees and butterflies, fruit for them all and nest building materials for bird.. such as this one:

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